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Moodiness in Men and Low T

Published March 30, 2016

men with low T symptoms

When hormones become unbalanced, it can cause a whole host of physical symptoms in the body. But why do hormones become unbalanced in the first place? Weight gain, for one, can be a pretty big culprit. When extra weight is carried, the fat cells over-actively convert testosterone into estrogen. Too much estrogen can lead to increased irritability and moodiness.

Aside from declining naturally with age, hormone levels can fluctuate erratically due to stress or a side effect of certain medications. These fluctuations can affect testosterone balance in men. New research is showing that prolonged distress in men can increase disease risk. And, in many cases, the root cause of chronic mood swings and distress in men is low testosterone that occurs with aging. Fortunately, men can take back control, reducing distress and lowering risk of disease. . . .Read more

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