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PelletThe simplest and most effective method of bioidentical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT) available today is pellet therapy. When considering BHRT, pellet therapy is the most trusted and preferred form available for both men and women.

What is Pellet Therapy?

Pellet therapy seems like a novel idea, but its conception and use dates back to the 1930s, almost as long as hormone therapy itself. Derived from plant-based sources, such as soy and wild yams, pellet therapy has emerged as an extremely effective delivery method for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Pellets are rice-sized implants comprised of a custom-compounded dose of prescribed hormone used to address hormonal deficiencies in men and women.

Pellets are inserted into the upper hip area during a short, virtually painless in-office procedure. Following insertion, the pellet is slowly metabolized by the body over the course of several months, delivering a natural dose of hormone throughout the treatment cycle. The length of each treatment cycle is determined by how quickly the body metabolizes the pellet, which varies from person to person.

Benefits of Pellet Therapy

Convenient. There is no need to remember to take pills daily, or apply a cream every morning and evening. With pellet therapy, the pellet is inserted subdermally, releasing a steady dose of hormone over 3 to 5 months.*

Safe. Since pellets deliver steady levels of hormone, patients do not experience the uncomfortable spikes and crashes at the beginning and end of each treatment cycle. This steady release also decreases the risk of blood clots because the hormone pellets are absorbed directly into the blood stream.*

Effective. Scientific studies and patient testimony both confirm that hormone pellet therapy offers relief for symptoms related to menopause and andropause, which can include hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, skin issues, osteoporosis, and weight gain.*

Pellet Therapy for Women

Many women may not be aware that both the male and female bodies produce testosterone and need this hormone to manage certain functions. In women, testosterone is the hormone of desire and emotional support. It is also key in reducing body fat and maintaining lean body mass. Testosterone levels in women can also decline with the onset of menopause, further contributing to uncomfortable symptoms associated with the condition.

Testosterone pellet therapy can offer numerous benefits to women, including:

Pellet Therapy for Men

A natural part of the aging cycle for men includes a reduction in the production of testosterone. Men with low T may experience fatigue, low libido, decreased muscle strength and endurance, and an overall decline in well-being. Testosterone replacement therapy can help treat these issues.

Testosterone pellets are made of bioidentical testosterone and a natural plant-based binder that is safely metabolized by the body. As the pellets dissolve, testosterone is steadily absorbed into the body, closely mimicking the body’s natural release of hormones.

Testosterone pellet therapy offers men numerous benefits associated with low T, such as:

Pellet Therapy at Huey Holistic

Pellet therapy is truly a powerful option giving clients the choice of a simple and effective solution to treat many of the cumbersome symptoms associated with aging.*

Discover how easy it can be to achieve hormone balance with pellet therapy from the expert team at Huey Holistic. Schedule aconsultation at Huey Holistic today and experience a healthier, higher quality of life.

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