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Study Provides Support for Diagnosis of Gluten Sensitivity

Published March 24, 2017

Gluten Free... Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitive?

Approximately one percent of people have celiac disease, but another six percent claim to be unable to tolerate gluten. For years, this gluten-sensitive group has had a rough go of trying to convince the medical establishment that their condition is a matter for real concern. People with gluten sensitivity exhibit a lot of the same symptoms as those with celiac disease, but in some ways they differ. For example, “leaky gut” syndrome―permeable intestines that allow undigested food molecules, toxins, and waste into your bloodstream―is associated with celiac disease, but not gluten sensitivity. Celiac patients have intestinal inflammation, but gluten sensitive patients don’t. The problem is, you can test for celiac, but there hasn’t been a test for gluten sensitivity, which has made diagnosis as well as treatment difficult. However, thanks to a new study, a test to confirm gluten sensitivity may soon be possible. Read more…

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